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Regnet, a.k.a. regression test network, is a local testing environment. Regnet is very similar to simnet but differs in subtle ways.

Simnet is intended for full integration testing with other applications, such as mining software or wallets, whereas regnet is intended for unit tests, RPC server tests and consensus rule tests. Regnet is not intended to be used outside of these contexts.

As regnet is a temporary network for private use, there are no public block explorers or faucets available.

Regnet can be enabled simply by starting dcrd with the --regnet flag.

Regnet is almost the same as simnet but there are differences to consider.

  • The regnet block database is deleted every time dcrd is started in regnet mode. This forces regnet to begin from the genesis block every time. Simnet mode preserves the block database, so on subsequent start ups it will continue where it left off.

  • The regnet blockchain will begin with various consensus rule changes already deployed, whereas the simnet chain starts with none.