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Stake Enabled Height

Stake Enabled Height (SEH) is one of the Blockchain Parameters.

SEH is the height at which the first Proof-of-Stake (PoS) ticket could possibly mature. On mainnet, the SEH is 512. This means it is not possible for any tickets to mature before block 512. The SEH is the sum of the CoinbaseMaturity + TicketMaturity. The first coins created on mainnet, for example, were the premine coins created in the genesis block. These coins could not be spent for 256 blocks (the CoinbaseMaturity). If these coins were used to purchase a ticket on block 257 (the first block they were spendable), that ticket would take another 256 blocks to mature (the TicketMaturity).

Note: Even though it is possible for a ticket to mature on the Stake Enabled Height, tickets cannot vote until the Stake Validation Height.

The value for SEH varies per environment:

Coinbase Maturity Ticket Maturity Stake Enabled Height Block Time Estimated Duration
Mainnet 256 256 512 5 minutes 43 hours
Testnet 16 16 32 2 minutes 64 minutes
Simnet 16 16 32 1 second 32 seconds
Regnet 16 16 32 1 second 32 seconds