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Blockchain Parameters

Blockchain parameters

Parameter Value Description
Maximum block size 393,216 The maximum size of a block in bytes.
Initial block reward 31.19582664 The initial reward in DCR for mining a block.
Block reward multiplier 100/101 The block reward is multiplied by this whenever the block price changes. Basically what that means is that every reward cycle (see below) the block reward given for mining a block is reduced by approximately 1%.
Block reward change 6,144 blocks The number of blocks between block reward changes. This occurs approximately every 3 weeks.
Block reward share 60/30/10 The reward for a block is split between PoW miners, PoS voters and the Decred Treasury as follows: PoW miners get 60% of the reward to reimburse them for electricity and hardware expenses. PoS voters get 6% of the reward each (30% for 5 votes). This encourages people to hold their coins and invest in the Decred network. The Decred Treasury receives 10% to help ensure the future of Decred by funding ongoing development.

PoS network parameters

Parameter Value Description
MinimumStakeDiff 2 The minimum price for a stake ticket.
TicketPoolSize 8,192 This is multiplied by TicketsPerBlock to get the desired voting pool size (40,960).
TicketsPerBlock 5 This many tickets will be chosen to vote each block.
TicketMaturity 256 Time in blocks (about a day) until a ticket is able to vote after being purchased.
TicketExpiry 40,960 Tickets that haven’t voted after this many blocks will be revoked (about 142 days).
CoinbaseMaturity 256 The number of blocks required before newly mined coins can be spent.
SStxChangeMaturity 1 After voting, this many blocks must pass for stake and reward to return to PoS voters.
TicketPoolSizeWeight 4 Tickets will not change price up or down by more than this multiplier in one update.
StakeDiffAlpha 1 This is the stake difficulty EMA calculation alpha (smoothing) value. It is different from a normal EMA alpha. Closer to 1 –> smoother.
StakeDiffWindowSize 144 The number of blocks in a window. Averaged per window, used below.
StakeDiffWindows 20 An exponential moving average over this many windows is used to calculate stake cost.
MaxFreshStakePerBlock 20 This many new tickets will be added from the mempool to the voting pool each block.
StakeEnabledHeight 256 + 256 Historic. This is the height in which the first ticket could possibly mature. Since coins were locked until block 256, no tickets could be purchased until then. After that, there was another 256 blocks before they matured.
StakeValidationHeight 4,096 Historic. StakeValidationHeight is the height at which votes are required to add a new block to the top of the blockchain. This height is the first block that will be voted on, but will include in itself no votes.
StakeBaseSigScript []byte{0x00, 0x00} This is the consensus stakebase signature script for all votes on the network. This isn’t signed in any way, so without forcing it to be this value, miners/daemons could freely change it. Ensures the block is on the right network.